A mishmash of coins - ConQuest currency
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Autor:  Leo Asher [ Fr 23. Jun 2017, 17:25 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  A mishmash of coins - ConQuest currency

Hello Fellow Larpers,

This would be my first time in ConQuest and I have heard different oppinions up until now about what sort of payment goes on.

In short, it's a 50/50 way of going larp coins and real euro (or coins bought at the event itself), my question is, do larp coins need to be bought from a certain store in order to be of any value ?

I ask this because I have been in different countries each with "local" larp coins and it would be a real drag if I were to arrive with a pouch full of Chinese fantasy coins to find out that they are utterly useless.

For how the coins look, follow the below link: ... -Photo.jpg

I appreciate all input.

See you at the Con!

Autor:  Niels Forbonte [ Fr 23. Jun 2017, 21:14 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: A mishmash of coins - ConQuest currency

Live Adventure do have a preferred set of coins which can be bought at the event. But in general it's all up to the players whether or not they will see your coins as "fake". So yea, you could come with a big pouch of chinese looking coins or even gold painted rocks, but if you want to be on the safe side you should also acquire some of the "approved" coins just in case ;-D

Autor:  Llewellian [ Sa 24. Jun 2017, 12:26 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: A mishmash of coins - ConQuest currency

You can use pretty much everything - in the end it all depends on your realworld haggle skills ;).

There might be some NPCs that only accept the local coins, but since all players are from a gazillion different "Larp countries" and will go back there after the event and travel through a dozend other "in their character life".... they tend to accept anything that has a nice look and feel and is not visibly a real-world coin of an existing country.

There is no official interchange course or even an ingame talent for your character for this... if you, the player are good in bargaining in character... you can make some nice deals ;).

Oh... and one thing:

People LOVE copper coins as they are so far more useful than silver or gold. With coppers, you can pay beggars, give a tip, pay for a cup of tea or so. Giving silver and expecting change... well. People do not like giving change ;).

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