First timer and alchemy questions!
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Autor:  Ravna [ Fr 6. Jul 2018, 00:17 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  First timer and alchemy questions!

Well met!

This will be my first time at this event ( yay!) and I got some questions regarding alchemy.

I am a fairly new larper and mostly been doing smaller larps in germany. Here my character Ravna have taken up Alchemy as an apprentice and have now learned to make some basic potions/ointments.

Now, does my character have to start over learning potions here in this world/system, or can she use those she already knows?
I will try get those that are similar in this system to what she knows before, if possible.

Also is it okay to use glass bottles as containers? I will only use them outside battle for healing etc.

And if I want to make drinkable potions, is water with foodcolor okay/safe to use? And perhaps some edable silver dust ( normally used for decoration on cakes but looks awsome in potions as well.)

As for the non drinkable contact version, I am really unsure how to make those and not risk to damage/stain players outfits as I apply them. Any advice would be welcome!

I have been trying to find general information about alchemy in larps and tips for what to use in "alchemy mixing" that would be safe to me and the setting of a "mini tent achemy lab". Red cabbage and lemon are nice things I arealy use, but tips other everyday products that have nice effects in achemy would be great.

Thank you very much for anyone that takes their time to read and reply.

Ravna - Your local Alchemist and 'Quacksalber'.

Autor:  Lumian Engstrand [ Fr 6. Jul 2018, 22:23 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: First timer and alchemy questions!

Hi there,

First of, I myself haven't played an alchemist or similar charakter in LARP but I had the honor to watch one of the best (in my opinion).

The world/system of Mythodea is not exclsuive, so you can of course play with the experiences your charakter made in diffrent worlds. As I usually play a mage I know it's sometimes difficult to "translate" the spells (in your case recipies) one has learned in one system to another. Sometimes you get far more experience points in one system than in another resulting in diffrent ranges of skills your charakter could choose. Just use common sense (like you already wrote yourself ;) ), then it'll work out fine.

Glas is fine. There are beltpouches made from thick leather that protect small glasvials quite well even in combat. Of course it's always better to use glasbottles that look the like but I have also seen empty boozebottles (the very small kind) being used. Those of course might raise an eyebrow or two but considering that good looking glasvials are expensive and might get lost easily (or wont be renturned) I'd consider them okay on an event as big as the Conquest.

Water with foodcolor is absolutely okay. Any other edible addition is usually also okay. Just mention the "ingrediences" somehow to the player that is either carrying the potion or drinking it, so that there will be no misunderstandings about allergys. :)

I'm afraid I have no experiences in this area. :oops:

I reccomend to visit the Fortress of Diversity in the Wayfarers Quarter. They have an alchemists guild there and the afore mentioned awesome alchemist player. I'm sure Baron Fireblade will be happy to share some of his tricks. 8-)

And your welcome, it was a boring nightshift anyways ;)

Bodyguard and seasoned warrior.

Autor:  Ravna [ Sa 7. Jul 2018, 19:57 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: First timer and alchemy questions!

Thank you very much for the reply!

I will see if I can seek out this Baron Fireblade at the event. I will be in the Wayfares too I think, if that's the best place for the fresh meat.

Ravna - Your local Alchemist and 'Quacksalber'.

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