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[I apologize at first, my entire post will be in English since I don’t speak a single word of german]

Dear folks,

Let me introduce myself : Tugal de Bretonnie, chased away from my land and arrived in this continent a few years ago. Feathers, books and knowledge are my leitmotiv, as the encyclopaedia we started can testify.

I’m part of the Cognito group, encyclopaedists and map makers, working on the diffusion of the common knowledge in our continent. Doing this we were able to gather piece of information about people, groups, customs, habits, helping everyone to understand better the surrounding world.
We don’t have any political attachment (we were actually under protection in a bigger group, but that is all), our only mission is to objectively retranscribe the knowledge.

Today our work continues, but we certainly lack of information, that is why I’m here speaking to you, to ask you to contribute to this fantastic work.

We do have some scrawls about the ancient people of Mitraspera, gathering more information about them is a task we will buckle down later. For now, we are looking for names of people and groups of settlers that are worth having an entry in the Encyclopedia of all camps attending to Mythodea and if you know, general information about them or how to contact them. You can also add anything else worth it (Sam the Giant turtle is a nice entry for instance).
Here is the list of the camps to refresh your memory if needed.
Wayfahrer arrivals
Neutral camp
Town and suburbs

Thank you very much for the attention you paid to my message, don’t hesitate to send me a raven personally if a peg-house discussion don’t suit you.


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